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Giving thanks…for electricity

I hope everyone back home is eating extra turkey and stuffing for me today! Not surprising, it does not feel anything like Thanksgiving here in Thailand. If it weren’t for my mom’s care package full of the season’s reminders (like a pumpkin spice candle, for example!) the week could have passed without a second thought. Here’s a picture of our “Thanksgiving Dinner”:

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

Not to worry, the WorldTeach volunteers are getting together this weekend for a “real” dinner, hopefully with a hard-to-find turkey too! 

So as my title describes, I am currently giving thanks for electricity. Right after this picture was taken, we lost electricity and dinner was eaten in candlelight (romantic, I know). It has since then come back, but it made me realize how many comforts I have even in this modest house in Thailand.

Well, happy Thanksgiving to all. And “Go Pack!”


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