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School Days: Smiles to share

To follow last week’s post about school days, I’m sharing some class pictures from Wang Yang and Pla Pak Noi, courtesy of Amber. These images truly capture the energy and enthusiasm with which I am rewarded by my students every day. They have really made this new chapter of my life an incredible one and I look forward to the months ahead I will share with them.

“I spy with my little eye…” (Here’s a game for all my little cousins back in the States…though I wonder how many of them are actually taller than me now!)

-A striped girl-scout handkerchief

-A holey sock beyond repair

-A blue baseball cap

-A water bottle

-A thermometer

-A yellow smiley face

-A red hairband

-An explosion of white-out

-A map

-My favorite day of the week (Hint: It begins with “S”)

Wang Yang-Grades 3 & 4

Wang Yang-Grade 5

Wang Yang-Grade 6

Pla Pak Noi-Grade 4

Pla Pak Noi-Grade 5


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