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Mallets swing on

Steph and I were informed a few weeks ago that a new door was going to be installed in our house, replacing the existing door that is located right outside Pi Yok’s room. In doing so, this will allow for an extension to her room, giving her a bigger, cooler space. Well, that day finally came. For about three hours now our house has pulsated to the rhythm of mallets taking down cement blocks and wood beams. Just minutes ago I wrapped up my yoga practice to hammering below my mountain position.

Other than remodeling projects, little is happening around my abode in Pla Pak. I haven’t taught since last Monday and I don’t begin my month of travels until April 2. That said, I’ve fallen into my own daily rhythm of eating, practicing yoga, reading, and eating again. Throw in the occasional (okay not so occasional) episode of “How I Met Your Mother” and a sufficient amount of playing around on the Internet and my days fill up rather quickly. I am currently reading “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver and have found few excuses to put it down longer than an hour or so before I am again lost in the unraveling story of a Southern Baptist family and their evolving mission in Congo.

From the sudden halt of pounding I suspect it is reaching lunch time. For me, it’s time to use the shower before the construction workers return.


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