Moving by candlelight

Moving isn’t my favorite activity; coupled with a nasty winter storm, my move-in weekend was a potential snowy mess. Luckily disaster was averted, with the help of my parents and a good sense of humor. We encountered a variety of concerns upon arrival to my new place  (like pulling off the doorknob to the hall closet, realizing the bedroom door is in fact hinged upside down, and discovering some cat erotica hanging in the bathroom). Because of these odd surprises, my potentially stress-ridden move was quickly remedied with laughter. And it wasn’t until my shower rod came crashing down into the tub did I finally understand the incredible utility of duct tape. For this I am truly grateful.

The best part of the entire ordeal, however, was my oversight in one small detail: electricity. After several calls to DTE Energy and one missed appointment with the technician, I am now scheduled to have service on Friday. As in three days. Last night, as I lit my candles and rummaged around for my shiny new flashlight, I realized that my dear friend and past roomie Alyssa Marks lives without electricity every single day (along with how many other people in the world?), as she is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mali. How fitting that today is also her birthday.

So tonight, Alyssa, I light my candles in celebration of you. Happy birthday love.


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