Positive thoughts for the New Year

I woke up yesterday with a surprising email in my inbox. It was from Non, a 6th grader from Wang Yang Elementary School. She wrote in Thai one of the only phrases I can still easily read, that she misses me. I wrote back that I miss her too. I also tried to tie in a few vocabulary words we used every day during our warm-ups, signing off with perhaps the most favorite nickname I will ever own, Bai-Khao.

This email is a nice reminder of connections that remain between me and Thailand. Right now, especially, these little reminders are so helpful. I was never fully prepared (nor could have been) for the ups and downs of life after a year abroad. Returning at a time of high unemployment, particularly among recent graduates, adds to the uncertainty and frustration. About two months ago I decided to start a “Positive Thoughts” log, in which every time a discouraging thought about my floundering, unemployed self danced across my mind I would write something positive about myself to stay upbeat throughout the job-seeking process. Since then the log has been buried (both literally and figuratively) beneath resumes, bills, and the holidays. Well, I think it’s time to dig it out again and pick up where I left off.

I’m happy to announce that I signed up for the 21 day yoga challenge with Yoga Journal, which starts on January 10. It’s my hope that by documenting my commitment here, I will be more apt to actually following through with the challenge! Since I can’t yet afford classes, I think this will also help expand my current home practice and keep me focused for everything else in my life off the mat. Building up my yoga practice is one of my New Year resolutions, in addition to picking up Spanish again and returning to a writing regiment for this blog.

How are you doing on your New Year resolutions? If you are employed, are you happy where you find yourself at the beginning of 2011? If you are a fellow employment-seeker, how are you taking care of yourself during this time?

Wherever you find yourself, best of luck as we step into the New Year.


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