Thailand Tribute #8: Night markets

The night market begins to set up in Nakhon Phanom

A week ago I began my series of tributes to life in Thailand and a week from now I will be on my way to Bangkok, leaving Isaan (for the time being) to begin a two week trip to Malaysia before heading home. Today’s tribute is to Thailand’s night markets. It is common for many Thai families to purchase their dinners at the local night market, where foods like curries, stir fried vegetables, grilled meats, and an assortment of fruits and desserts are sold. The markets are set up on a main street every night, and by the time the sun is setting the parked motorcycles begin to line up, as people flock to purchase their meals for the evening. Everything is sold in clear plastic bags, tied with red rubber bands (which are skillfully wound, it’s quite remarkable to watch), or on a stick. There is a cart for everything, too. My favorite carts include the curry cart, the corn on the cob cart, the fresh pineapple dipped in saltwater cart, and the dessert cart that sells one of my favorites, khanom chun. Shopping for dinner like this is so exciting and I am definitely going to miss all this variety found in one, easily accessible location.


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