Thailand Tribute #12: Weather

Thunderstorms on the horizon

Of the three seasons in Thailand (cold, hot and rainy), the rainy season is my favorite. Humidity levels are exceptionally high during this time of year, especially right before a big storm. Clothes can take days to dry, everything in the house seems to mold, and even the most minor cuts and scrapes take forever to heal. Despite this oppressive humidity (averaging 95% at night) and the inconveniences that come with living in it, there’s nothing better than experiencing a huge thunderstorm rolling in from the west on a sticky afternoon.

Today I taught at Wang Yang Elementary School and after lunch the sky went from clear blue to dark gray in about half an hour. Thunder and strong gusts of wind soon followed, and as I was about to start teaching my third grade class, a solid wall of rain swept across the football field and quickly overtook us; within seconds the entire school was being pummeled by the downpour, which only lasted about 20 minutes. My students, who were just complaining about how hot it was (and that says a lot, coming from Thai kids!), were begging me to turn off the ceiling fan because of the temperature drop. I, on the other hand, was rejoicing in the cool winds that were finally providing relief from the suffocating humidity. By the time class was dismissed the skies had cleared and the only trace that a storm had even passed was the water dripping off tree leaves and a few gathering pools below them.

One thing I am absolutely dreading when I move back to the Midwest is the drastic temperature change. After living in a tropical climate for a year, the thought of returning to a Wisconsin winter is enough to make me cry. I will quite possibly hibernate for three or fourth months until the ground has thawed and my body has once again acclimated to my environment.


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