Rediscovering tadasana on the mountain

Early morning yoga

A few weekends ago I volunteered at a high school English camp with five other WorldTeach volunteers in a nearby city called Nakae. The camp was held at a temple tucked into a mountain, overlooking the city below. In addition to truly enjoying the teaching aspect of the weekend, it was wonderful to feel more connected to a Buddhist community and see the daily functioning of a temple. Perhaps the best part of the weekend, however, was feeling reconnected with my yoga practice; I was up early both days practicing my sunrise salutations to the incredible view above. This overwhelming sense of calm and tranquility I felt that weekend made me more determined than ever to achieve my dream of studying yoga in India and becoming an instructor someday. I am confident that such an opportunity, if it is something I truly want, will arise in its own time. Until then, I’ll keep practicing wherever I find myself.



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