“I love leaf rice”

Among the many love notes and warm greetings I received from my students the first week back, this one was my favorite. It is a direct translation of my Thai nickname, Bai Khao. It was a wonderful first week of teaching after two months of vacation; I had almost forgotten what it felt like to be a teacher in the village schools but falling back into a routine felt natural. However, I was exhausted by the end of each day and found myself crashing by 9:00pm on Wednesday–a record early bedtime for me! I do feel somewhat more prepared to teach English after a semester of experience and I am looking forward to making adjustments to my teaching style to better fit the needs of my classes.

Other than teaching, I’m keeping busy practicing yoga in the morning and getting back into aerobic dance in the evenings. I have some lesson planning to do before tomorrow so please excuse the short post. I’ve uploaded some favorite pictures from my backpacking trip so hopefully you’ll have time to take a look. Oh yes, and in good Thai fashion, I already have my first shortened work week of the semester since there’s a national holiday on Friday–Cheers!


2 responses to ““I love leaf rice”

  • Amber

    Awe. That’s so cool, Caitlyn.

    I can’t wait for you to come out to CA! We can practice yoga together… have fresh coffee waiting for you in the morning again ;)… visit artsy shops… take in nature… smell the ocean breeze…….

    Love you!

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