Sukhothai and Ayuthaya

It is brutally hot here. I don’t think the heat in Thailand really got to me until the past few days. I think it’s a combination of biking around ancient ruins in 100+ F weather and staying in fan-only accommodations that has done me in. Thankfully Matt’s parents (another WT volunteer) booked an extra night at the hotel after they fly back to the States so tomorrow night we have A/C, Queen sized beds and soft towels to look forward to!

Despite the heat Steph and I have had a great time touring historical ruins by bike. Two days ago we were in Sukhothai, which was the first kingdom of Thailand. One of the highlights from the day was swerving through traffic while Thais threw water on us and painted our faces with colored talcum powder paste to celebrate Songkran. Today we experienced a drier and cleaner version of a similar biking adventure here in Ayuthaya, the last capital of Thailand before it was moved to Bangkok. There are some incedible ruins here including a sculpture of a Buddha head intertwined in tree roots and a seven meter long reclining Buddha.

Tomorrow we head to Bangkok in the morning and Sunday our flight departs for Hanoi “in the sixes” as Kaela would say (who has just informed me that her flight is booked and she will be visiting in June. I am so excited!). I didn’t realize how much I was looking forward to Vietnam but now that we are so close I can’t help but feel overwhelmed with anticipation.

Until my next wifi location, peace.


3 responses to “Sukhothai and Ayuthaya

  • Gerri

    Caitlyn, I cant wait to see the photos from Ayuthaya. I have seen pictures of the reclining Buddha and I can only imagine how impressive it is to see it up close and personal! Enjoy the night of luxury and safe travels to Vietnam.
    Love ,Mom xxxooo

  • sjf

    vietnam?!?!?! awesome, that is one place i have always wanted to visit! also, thanks for the jade, i think it’s working!

  • kaela

    in the sixes…how horrible! I haven’t seen the sixes in about two years…maybe being with you and traveling early/waking up with the Thai noises will be good grad school practice? oh dear, all without coffee…

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