A closer look at my daily life

Alyssa is heading to Bangkok and soon flying back to the states. I hope she had a wonderful time on the beaches near Krabi Island and cannot wait for the accounts from her independent traveling (a concept that truly impressed my female teachers, since independent travel for women is very uncommon here).

After reading through Alyssa’s blog on her experiences in my village, I realized that many things in my daily life are quite extraordinary but are left undocumented by me when blogging because I am immersed in them! That said, I want to thank Alyssa for her observations and the details in which she documented her travels in my village. I encourage you to read about these experiences by visiting her blog here.

This weekend I will be busy preparing for Amber’s visit, as she arrives on Tuesday morning already! Also, today we have many special visitors coming to Pla Pak Noi so I best run and get ready.


4 responses to “A closer look at my daily life

  • kaela

    I just caught up on your whole blog…I admit I was a bit behind on the entries. But wow! Incredible what you are doing there and your level of integration into your community. I am happy to hear that you are doing so well there : ) and it was wonderful wonderful talking to you on skype today!!!

    • Caitlyn

      It was so nice talking to you too…very refreshing. And I’m still waiting for some updates on your blog :) Can’t wait to talk again very soon. Besitos.

      • kaela

        i know. i’m horrible with the blog. i don’t think i’m cut out to be a blogger. never was, never will be. but i am proud to say that I have added a new entry this weekend believe it or not. that is two entries already in January…i’d say i’m really outdoing myself this month.

  • Gerri

    Hello Caitlyn,
    I just read Alyssa’s postings and it sounds like she had a wonderful time. She is correct- I am truly jealous that she was able to give you a big hug!
    Perfect timing for Alyssa to be in your village when the Monks came to Pla Pak. What a wonderful event for you two to witness. And, I love that a bike was waiting for Alyssa – you are very fortunate to have so many people around you seeing to your needs.
    I hope Amber’s visit is as lovely as Alyssa’s was.

    Love and Miss you, Mom xxxooo

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