Forget the alarm clock

It has come to my attention that Thais in my village are closely aligned with the rising of the sun. Most Thais seem to start their day much earlier than I am accustomed to. In the past week I don’t think I used my alarm clock once to wake up. I’m awakened by the sounds of barking dogs, our 11-month-old neighbor (who is possibly the cutest child I have ever seen) and Pi-Yok (our roommate) who is washing dishes and preparing breakfast. In addition, there is the occasional shrieking rooster and noisy motorbike that is badly in need of a new exhaust. Even if I am able to sleep through these sounds, as I did on Saturday, it is not in Thai culture to do so. I was awakened by Pi-Yok walking into my room to inquire about a shopping trip after I didn’t respond to her shouts up the stairs (this is also insight on personal space here). I guess I will just have to be an earlier riser for the year.

Check out the new photos I posted onto my Flickr account to the right. I’ve included shots of my new home and of my first day of school.


5 responses to “Forget the alarm clock

  • kaela

    you are getting up earlier than usual? this does not bode well for me when i come to visit, does it? what time does “earlier than usual” mean? in the sixes? even earlier? oh the horror!!!

  • Aunt Val

    Well I will certainly think of you when I am off of school for Thanksgiving or Christmas and I roll back over to go back to sleep!! WOW – I haven’t been able to think about sleeping later than a ‘student’ since I’ve had kids!! Ah the joy of it!!!!

    • Caitlyn

      haha, thanks aunt val :)

      i guess you will just have to sleep in for the both of us! and by the way, i had my first cup of starbucks instant coffee this past weekend and it was amazing! thanks so much, it really hit the spot.

      • Aunt Val

        Glad to hear you liked the coffee. Heaven knows you can’t last a year without good coffee once in a while. (Or should I say that your STUDENTS wouldn’t be able to last the year without you having coffee once in a while!!)

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