School visits

Yesterday I visited both elementary schools where I will be teaching. The teachers and principals were so welcoming and the students were very curious about this foreigner who has finally arrived from the U.S. Both schools presented me with warm greetings and bouquets of flowers. I was very humbled by the generosity the schools showed in welcoming me into their communities. 

The first school, Pla Pak Noi Elementary, is a “jungle school” because it is literally located on the edge of a jungle! They are in the process of fundraising to construct a new school building, since the one they have right now for 4-6 graders is open-air, meaning it has no windows or dividing walls between classrooms. Here’s a picture: 


Pla Pak Noi Classroom

Pla Pak Noi Classroom

The second school, Wang Yang Elementary, consists of a few 2-story buildings with classes on the second floor and open auditorium space on the first. The principal of this school showed me a classroom I would be teaching in, as well as a computer lab full of equipment. He said I would have the lab at my disposal if I wanted to teach English classes with the help of internet and an overhead projector. There is also a library at this school, though I wasn’t able to see it because the door was locked and they misplaced the key! Hopefully the school finds it before classes start in November. Here’s a picture of the second school:


Wang Yang Elementary School

Wang Yang Elementary School

The children at both schools seem incredibly eager to learn, as well as the teachers. One of the goals of the WorldTeach program is to teach the teachers on how to plan and implement English lessons so the work can continue after we leave. I am both excited and nervous to take on this role.

Thanks for checking into the blog today! I hope to have some slideshows up soon in the photo section.


2 responses to “School visits

  • Grandma

    Hello Caitlyn, The schools look great! Keep out of the jungle.-
    Thanks for the postcards (loved the one from the Brewery Tour-cheers!)
    You are in my Prayers – Keep Safe
    Love, Grandma

  • Aunt Val

    We have a hard enough time getting students to come back from the bathroom in a timely manner, I couldn’t imagine how we would keep the kids in their seats if they could just step outside (in WARM weather…) Have fun!! Love, Aunt Val

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