Sawatdee kaa (hello) from Thailand

The other WorldTeach volunteers and I arrived safely in Nakhon Phanom this morning around 6:30am. I am happy to announce that all my luggage checked through to Bangkok and the 10 hour overnight bus ride was comfortable enough for me to sleep (a little). Total travel time from Milwaukee to Nakhon Phanom: 52 hours and 29 minutes. 

For the next month we will be living in a lodge-like setting on the outskirts of the city. This afternoon we walked down the street to the village and saw lots of families, dogs (don’t worry, they seemed tame), food vendors and a temple. All the girls are sleeping in a big room with mats on the floor. We are very limited on the amount of water we can use but nobody is complaining about the lack of hot water since it is over 90 degrees and humid! It will take a while to get used to this weather.

We’re heading into town now to pick up some necessities like toilet paper and pillows, since most Thai bathrooms have a hose instead of paper and our supplied pillows are about the size of  shoe boxes. The food has been the best part so far-this morning we had heart-shaped eggs and hashbrowns. For lunch we had a great rice dish with vegetables, sausage, and a sweet fish sauce.

I hope to upload pictures soon so check back later this week.


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