Welcome to my new blog, a forum in which I hope to provide insight on my year of teaching English in Thailand. It is meant to keep my family and friends in touch with my life while I am away, and give me a way to stay updated on theirs. That said, I encourage you to leave comments and keep me posted on what is going on around the globe! I will attempt to keep this blog updated on my living conditions, classroom experiences, funny stories about learning Thai and teaching English, travels in Southeast Asia and more.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I look forward to an incredible year of challenges and adventure that may only be met with humility and genuine curiosity. Please stay in touch!


4 responses to “Welcome

  • Aunt Val

    Best of Luck Caitlyn!! We wish you a wonderful year full of excitement (but not too much excitement), new experiences and loads of fun!! We can’t wait to hear everything about your trip. TAKE CARE!! Love Aunt Val

  • Gammon Gang

    Dearest Caitlyn, may you have a wonderful and exciting year away. We wish you the best and you will be in our thoughts and prayers each and every day. Come home soon and be safe! With all our love and support! We love you! Gammon Gang

  • Tom

    Good luck in Thialand hope you can come by and visit us at CreekSide when you return. Tom

  • Megan Dowske

    I hope that you are doing okay and miss you a lot. I hope that you will keep in touch with me and would really like to keep in touch with you.

    love megan

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